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We are Nerd Swag.

Just your run of the mill nerds who feel more comfortable in jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie then we do wearing a fancy suit. Being a bunch of digital marketers, we appreciate a few things....digital marketing, which to us is anything from being 12k lines deep in code, 1200 words deep in content, or 1200 ads deep in Editor.

While other people spend their time at the bar, we spend our free time playing marathons of our favorite video game, setting up our own side hustles, or reading the latest propaganda from our favorite search engines. 

We are Nerd Swag and we are here to serve you the finest quality digital marketing t-shirts that not only personify what you feel everyday when you go to work, but allow you to show your personality at conferences, trade shows, and especially near those salespeople and accounting folk, who get all of the accolades.