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301 Your Attitude T-Shirt

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Because nobody likes the end of the road.... not even Boys II Men. 404 errors have been the bane of many SEO's lives, tanked countless site's organic visibility, and sent a certain search engine's bots into a tizzy. 

Despite what a certain Engineer from a major Search Engine, whose first name rhymes with Hairy, every 'good' SEO knows that you should employ a 301 redirect to those pesky dead pages. 

Add in the fact that the web development team will probably complain that they need to add another line to the HTACCESS file, you should wear this shirt with pride, stand by their cubicle, and display your favorite fake smile in appreciation. 

Side Note: One does find it ironic that we offer a shirt referencing a 301 redirect, on a platform that is notorious for 404 errors, but we digress. 

As with any Nerd Swag shirt, this is made of the highest quality materials and will fit nicely, remain comfortable throughout your 14 hour code jam session, and showcase your pride in proper SEO. 

We do not use those cheap, uncomfortable shirts

We use 100% Ringspun Lightweight Cotton shirts (not that heavyweight cotton shirts Trade Show organizers like to use because they are cheap).

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