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ROI is my Spirit Animal Digital Marketing T-Shirt

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ROI... Return on Investment. That is the promise of digital marketing right? We can measure everything and this volume of measurement has taken us from a spray and pray model (see TV and Billboard Ads) to such a gluttony of data, that we basically know our consumer's underwear size (those holey boxers are never a good look bro). 

So we all know that ROI is the reason we do this, the reason we are the most valuable asset to the organization (not those sales folks who can't even spell ROI... while they are on the golf course.. of course), and the reason that we love seeing those charts up and to the right!

So we made this shirt for you, the ROI seeking digital marketers.

Show your fellow nerds just how much you love ROI by wearing this ringspun cotton t-shirt with high quality print that you come to expect from Nerd Swag. 


We do not use those cheap, uncomfortable shirts

We use 100% Ringspun Lightweight Cotton shirts (not that heavyweight cotton shirts Trade Show organizers like to use because they are cheap).


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