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I'm a Search Marketer, Not a Magician Women's T-Shirt

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One of the reasons we do this digital marketing thing is because you know... you can measure everything. Now that the C-suite knows that, it is all about get sales, increase leads, save my business, sell this terrible product, provide an endless supply of business with 1/100 of the budget the traditional marketing team gets with no resources...yesterday. Yea... we know. 

As Digital Marketing pros, we are great at search marketing, not making magic happen. The next time that the new product team, sales, the c-suite, or anyone else who wants you to do that search marketing thing to increase business, just open your hoodie and show them this shirt... conversation ends, you get to go back to your jam session, and you do what you do best... make those sales rain! 


We do not use those cheap, uncomfortable shirts

We use 100% Ringspun Lightweight Cotton shirts (not that heavyweight cotton shirts Trade Show organizers like to use because they are cheap). 

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